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Subscribe now to enjoy 50% off
(Promo ends 31st March 2018)


How do you pick your books?

We don’t pick the books but we let you do it. You just list the books that you want to read and we will start sending one book at a time to your doorstep.

When is the renewal of my subscription?

Your subscription will auto-renew on the next calendar date. For instance, if you start your subscription on the 3rd Nov it will auto-renew on the 3rd Dec the following month. However, for subscriptions that are registered on the 29th, 30th and 31st of the month, the renewal for the following month will be adjusted to the 1st date of the following month. For instance, if you start a subscription on 30th Nov it will auto-renew on the 1st Jan.

When can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime by sending an email to flix@booku.rent. However, the subscription will only be cancelled once the book that you received is returned to Booku within 5 days after sending the cancellation email. If the book is not received, we will consider that you want to continue with the subscription and we will charge the subsequent subscription fee on the renewal date.

What do I do once I finished reading a book and I want to receive the next book from my reading list?

Once you are done with a book, just pack it using the plastic bag that was sent to you with the book and drop it off at the drop-off point printed on the delivery note attached with the plastic bag.

Am I entitled for a discount if I want to subscribe to more than one Booku Flix subscription within my household?

Currently, we don’t have any add-on feature for family or friends. You will need to subscribe to a new account without any discount.

Will I receive new books all the time?

No, you won’t. You will receive a mix of new books and preloved books.

What if I lose a book?

You will be charged the market rate of the book.

Can I list any book title in my reading list?

Booku Flix subscription service is only limited to genres of literature & fiction, business & economics, children’s books, religion, philosophy & psychology and parenting. Booku Flix subscription doesn’t include any kind of textbooks and academic reference books. If you are unsure, you can still list a book and we will advise accordingly.

Will you ship all the books in my reading list?

As we aspire to ship all the books that you request, there will be instances that we are not able to get hold of books that you want. In these instances, we will ship the next book in your reading list queue first while we attempt to find the book for you. We will also not ship any books that are banned by the government of Malaysia.

Is it true that I can get unlimited number of books with Booku Flix?

Yes, it is true. However, you need to send back the book that you received to Booku before the next book can be shipped out to you. So, it depends on how fast you can finish reading a book.

When can I expect to receive my book?

For new subscription, you will receive the book within 3 working days after your subscription is processed successfully. For existing Booku Flix user, your new book will be shipped on the next business day as soon as we receive your book.

Why do you send 2 books when I start my subscription?

It is because we really like you. We want to ensure that there will always be one book in your hand for your reading pleasure when you are sending a book back to us and while waiting for a new book to arrive at your doorstep.

What if I like a book, can I just pay the market price and keep it?

No, you can’t keep the book that you receive from Booku Flix. If you like the book and would like to own a copy, please visit Booku Store (https://booku.rent/store) Coming Soon! or Booku Rent (https://booku.rent/club) Coming Soon! to find a copy that you can purchase.

How do I return a book?

Our goal is to make it extremely convenient for you to read books. When you have finished reading a book, just package it using the courier bag that is sent to you with the book. The courier bag will come with a pre-printed return shipment slip. Take the package with you, just drop it off at the Pgeon Point of your choice and go back. It is as easy as that!

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