Robin Sharma

Discover Your Destiny With The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Blueprint For Living Your Best Life

(ISBN: 9780060756697)

Meet Dar Sanderson, a highly ambitious executive who on the outside appears to have it all but who on the inside is lacking happiness, meaning, and peace.

A serendipitous encounter with Julian Mantle, a hotshot lawyer turned monk who has discovered the secrets of lasting success, sets Dar upon an extraordinary odyssey to find his authentic self and claim the life of his dreams. Along the way, Dar learns seven potent, essential lessons for living one's best life.

In this unforgettable tale, you will discover:

· How to trust in your limitless potential

· How to avoid the crime of self-betrayal

· How to realize the life of your dreams

· How to transform fear into fortune

· How to discover your calling

· How to turn events that test you into experiences that reward you

· How to find the love you want

A wonderfully inspiring yet highly practical guide, Discover Your Destiny is a must-read for all The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari fans, as well as those who search for boundless joy, deep courage, and lasting balance.

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