Michael R. Lindeburg Pe

Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual For The Pe Exam, 13th Ed

(ISBN: 9781591264149)

The Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual is the most comprehensive textbook for the Mechanical PE exam. This book’s time-tested organization and clear explanations start with the basics to help you quickly get up to speed on common mechanical engineering concepts. Together, the 76 chapters provide an in-depth review of NCEES Mechanical PE exam topics. The extensive index contains thousands of terms, most indexed in a variety of ways, in anticipation of how you’ll search for them.

Features of the Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual:

over 120 appendices containing essential support material

over 375 clarifying example problems

thousands of equations, figures, and tables

industry-standard terminology and nomenclature

equal support of U.S. customary and SI units

After you pass your exam, the Mechanical Engineering Reference Manual will continue to serve as an invaluable reference throughout your mechanical engineering career.

Topics Covered:

Dynamics and Vibrations: Kinematics; Kinetics; Power Transmission Systems; Vibrating Systems

Materials: Engineering Materials Properties and Testing; Thermal Treatment of Metals

Fluids: Fluid Properties; Fluid Statics; Fluid Flow Parameters; Fluid Dynamics; Hydraulic Machines

Power Cycles: Vapor, Combustion, and Nuclear Power Cycles; Refrigeration and Gas Compression Cycles

HVAC: Psychrometrics; Fans, Ductwork, and Ventilation; Heating and Cooling Loads; Air Conditioning Systems

Heat Transfer: Natural Convection; Evaporation; Condensation; Forced Convection; Radiation

Machine Design: Basic and Advanced Machine Design; Pressure Vessels

Thermodynamics: Inorganic Chemistry; Fuels and Combustion; Properties of Substances

Control Systems: Modeling and Analysis of Engineering Systems

Plant Engineering: Manufacturing Processes; Instrumentation and Measurements; Materials Handling and Processing; Fire Protection Systems; Environmental Pollutants and Remediation; Hazardous Material Storage and Disposal

Fundamentals: Math Review; Probability; Statics; Engineering Economic Analysis

Law and Ethics: Engineering Law; Ethics

What’s New in This Edition

36 chapters with new material, and 46 chapters with revisions to existing material

300 new equations, and 128 updated equations

27 new tables, and 31 updated tables

7 new examples, and 34 updated examples

10 new appendices, and 27 updated appendices

35 new figures, and 28 updated figures

1,094 new index entries, and 108 updated index entires

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