Stephen Reed

Cognition: Theories And Applications

(ISBN: 9781133492283)

Dr. Stephen Reed's COGNITION: THEORY AND APPLICATIONS, 9E, International Edition focuses on the theories that underlie cognitive phenomena as well as empirical data that establishes a traditional, information processing approach to cognitive psychology. This structure allows readers to discover the direct relevance of cognitive psychology to many of their daily activities. The text incorporates unparalleled scholarship in a distinctive clear voice that allows for the emphasis of both contemporary and classical research through real-life examples and experiments. Revised and updated throughout to maintain a high degree of currency and accuracy, content reflects the ever-evolving field and is made relevant to students' lives through the inclusion of popular articles from well-known magazines and newspapers. As a result of its adherence to three criteria-the material must make an important contribution to cognitive psychology, be accessible, and be both understandable and interesting-the text is an invaluable tool in learning cognitive psychology.

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