Ghillie James

Fresh From The Freezer: 100 Delicious, Freezer-friendly Recipes For Every Occasion

(ISBN: 9780857830029)

Did you know that custard, fresh fruit and vegetables, pancake batter and iced cakes can all be frozen for future use? With more and more of us trying to save money and avoid wastage, now is the perfect time to start using your freezer to its full advantage. Fresh from the Freezer offers remarkable insights into what foods can be frozen and how, as well as practical advice on how to cook foods straight from the freezer, defrosting times and methods and reheating leftovers safely. Ghillie James provides over 100 foolproof and delicious recipes for every occasion that can be stored in the freezer or prepared from defrosted ingredients. Chapters include Basic Stocks and Sauces, Party Nibbles, Prepare-ahead Suppers, Teatime Treats and Freezer Food for Babies and Toddlers. With mouthwatering recipes such as Dijon Mustard and Poppyseed Sausage Rolls, Roasted Vegetable Lasagne, Lamb and Prune Tagine, Chocolate Pistachio Biscuits and Mojito Sorbets on standby, you will never again resort ready-meals or unhealthy takeaways when there just isn't time to cook.

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