Stephen M. Pollan,mark Levine

Turning No Into Yes: Six Steps To Solving Your Financial Problems (so You Can Stop Worrying).

(ISBN: 0066619920)

At last, a single book that really can show how to solve your money problems and end worries about your business and career--better yet, a book that actually shows you how to turn adversity into success and how to get your own way even in "hopeless" situations. You'll find out how to locate the hidden problems, every unspoken no behind evry sort of money worry, and how to turn no into yes.

First, determine your problem. is the loan delayed because the banker doesn't like you, or beacuse your income statement doesn't show enough in the asset column?

Second, make sure you're dealing with one problem at a time. Don't try to rework your marketing at the same time that you trim your staff.

Third, focus on facts. Make sure that your own fears and worries aren't blinding you to the way things really are.

Fourth, become an expert. Immerse yourself in your problem; assemble all the information you need to understand your needs and wants, as well as those of your opposite number.

Fifth, create an environment of trust; and, if you need to, Turn no into yes.

The first part to Turning No into Yes is quick yet thorough course in Stephen M. Pollan's problem solving method, from problem identification through tuning no into yes. The second part includes literally hundreds of scenarios, showing how the method can be applied to a range of issues. It's like having a coach, strategist, and motivator at your beck and call, twenty-four hours a day!

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