Jeanne Betancourt

Three Girls In The City #4: Close-up (three Girls In The City)

(ISBN: 0439498422)

In this 4th book about New York City girlfriends Maya, Joy and Carolyn , a dramatic city-wide blackout teaches the girls about courage, cooperation and the meaning of friendship.

Joy, Maya and Carolyn have finally figured out the basics of their rich, lop-sided and sometimes hilarious friendship. Then Mandy, Carolyn's best friend from Wyoming, blows into town and nothing's the same. She's funny, smart, and WAY more sophisticated than Carolyn remembered her being. At first it's fun, but then - it isn't. Joy can't stand her and Maya thinks she's GREAT! Neither of these reactions makes Carolyn happy.

Meanwhile, the four trapse through half the tourist spots in NYC so the unstoppable Mandy can video tape everything

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Pages 153 pages
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