John Sviokla And Mitch Cohen

The Self-made Billionaire Effect How Extreme Producers Create Massive Value

(ISBN: 9780241199480)

"Imagine what Atari might have achieved if Steve Jobs had stayed there. Or what Steve Case could have done for Pepsi if he hadn't left for a start-up that eventually became AOL. Scores of billionaires worked for established corporations before they struck out on their own. People like Michael Bloomberg and Mark Cuban went on to build iconic household brands. Why didn't their former employers hang on to these people? And why are most big companies unable to create as much value as the world's 800 self-made billionaires? Billionaires aren't necessarily luckier, smarter or harder-working than the rest of us - and they rarely build something brand new. The key difference is their mindset. They redefine what's possible - and they are critical to any company looking to create massive value. The Self-Made Billionaire Effect breaks down the five critical habits of massive value creators, so you can learn how to identify, encourage and retain them - and even become one yourself. It will forever change the way you think about talent and business value."

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