Michael D. Ciletti

Advanced Digital Design With The Verilog Hdl Eastern Economy Edition

(ISBN: 9788120327566)

Behavioral modelling with a hardware description language (HDL) is the key to modern design at application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs). Readers preparing to contribute to a productive design team must know how to use an HDL at key stages of the design flow. This book goes beyond the basic principles and methods learned in a first course in digital design..

The aim of the text is to build on a student's background from a first course in logic design by :

1. Reviewing basic principles of combinational and sequential logic.

2. Introducing the use of HDLs in design.

3. Emphasizing descriptive styles that will allow the reader to quickly design working circuits suitable for ASICs and/or field-programmable gate array (FPGA) implementation, and

4. Providing in-depth design examples using modern design tools.

The focus of the book is on developing, verifying, and synthesizing of digital circuits, not on the Verilog language. It covers only the case and most widely used features of Verilog. The book is for students in an advanced course in digital design, and for professional engineers interested in learning Verilog by example, in the context of its use in the design flow of modern integrated circuits.

Table Of Contents

1. Introduction to Digital Design Methodology.

2. Review of Combinational Logic Design.

3. Fundamentals of Sequential Logic Design.

4. Introduction to Logic Design with Verilog.

5. Logic Design with Behavioral Models of Combinational and Sequential Logic.

6. Synthesis of Combinational and Sequential Logic.

7. Design and Synthesis of Datapath Controllers.

8. Programmable Logic and Storage Devices.

9. Algorithms and Architectures for Digital Processors.

10. Architectures for Arithmetic Processors.

11. Postsynthesis Design Tasks.


A. Verilog Primitives.

B. Verilog Keywords.

C. Verilog Data Types.

D. Verilog Operators.

E. Backus-Naur Formal Syntax Notation.

F. Verilog Language Formal Syntax.

G. Additional Features of Verilog.

H. Flip-Flop and Latch Types.

I. Verilog-2001.

J. Programming Language Interface.

K. Websites.

L. Web-Based Tutorials.

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