Julio Sanchez,maria P. Canton

Windows? Graphics Programming

(ISBN: 9780764532511)

Windows® Graphics Programming Whether you're involved in business, engineering, design, art, or games, this book delivers the design and programming know-how you need to develop top-of-the-line Windows graphics applications. Using example code modules to illustrate key techniques, Julio Sanchez and Maria P. Canton lead you step by step through the Windows graphics programming repertoire — from Win32 API basics to cutting-edge DirectX 6.1 tools. Working Solutions for Programming Challenges

Master the basic principles of API programming

Create menus, dialog boxes,and toolbars

Manipulate pixels, lines, and curves

Work with closed figures, regions, and paths

Manage Windows bitmap constructs

Take command of rendering operations using Direct Access

Use DirectDraw to create high-performance animations

Take advantage of multi-monitor programming in Windows 98 and DirectX 6.1

Bonus! Includes a quick reference section for instant access to the programming information you need. CD-ROM Features: Microsoft's DirectX 6.1 Software Development Kit Plus all sample code from the book www.idgbooks.com

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