David A. Hodges, Horace G. Jackson, Resve A. Saleh

Analysis And Design Of Digital Integrated Circuits In Deep Submicron Technology

(ISBN: 9780071181648)

The third edition of Hodges and Jackson's "Analysis and Design of Digital Integrated Circuits" has been thoroughly revised and updated by a new co-author, Resve Saleh of the University of British Columbia. The new edition combines the approachability and concise nature of the Hodges and Jackson classic with a complete overhaul to bring the book into the 21st century. The new edition has replaced the emphasis on BiPolar with an emphasis on CMOS. The outdated MOS transistor model used throughout the book will be replaced with the now standard deep submicron model. The material on memory has been expanded and updated. As well the book now includes more on SPICE simulation and new problems that reflect recent technologies. The emphasis of the book is on design, but it does not neglect analysis and has as a goal to provide enough information so that a student can carry out analysis as well as be able to design a circuit. This book provides an excellent and balanced introduction to digital circuit design for both students and professionals.

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