Chris Merrington

Art Of Negotiation

(ISBN: 9789670610917)


Learn to negotiate with your clients more profitably.

This book will save you a fortune and maybe even make you a fortune. Its practical approach means you can apply the proven strategies in your business today. Discover…

How to confidently hold your price

How to say ‘no’ to clients while improving your relationship

How to negotiate higher fees and prices

How to handle unrealistic timescales and budgets

How to respond to ‘you’ve got the business if your drop your price’

How to prepare for meetings with Procurement

“…I have no hesitation in recommending this book…its easy-to read format makes it more likely that its lessons will be put to good use…” — Hamish Pringle, former Director General, IPA. Reviewed in Market Leader, The Marketing Society’s Journal

“This is great — more than a book on negotiation — it should be a bible for all agency account handlers. Inspiring and practical.” — Tara Page, Client Services Director, Saatchi and Saatchi Health

“Moving from supplier to partner should be the goal of any forward-thinking agency — the thoughtful and practical advice here can really help to make the goal a reality.” — Phil Bartlett, General Manager, Torre Lazur McCann, McCann World Group

“Chris Merrington knows his sector inside out and has great strategies, tools and approaches that actually solve the problems. And I know because I’ve tried them.” —Martin Finn, Managing Director, EdComs

CHRIS MERRINGTON is an author, speaker and consultant. In 2001, he founded Spring 80:20 which specialises in working with communication agencies, sales teams and professional services. His workshops have helped thousands of people achieve consistent measurable bottom line improvement.

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